The was born out of my need to socialize during my college years. Being fresh from Trinidad and dropped straight into the belly of the beast that is New York City. I longed for the “limes” and parties I had come to know and love back home.

I found NY to be a different beast, I had no friends and people were impolite. The college I attended was a commuter school and every now and again different students would have house limes/parties etc. I was so thirsty for a good ole Caribbean lime back in those days I would go around the school making sure all my friends knew about the event. After all the more people that came out, the more potential fun we could have. We were still on the verge of the digital age then and I started small, first by collecting emails of all the people I knew and those that were interested in hanging out. Soon people I didn’t even know in school started hearing about me and would come to me to get the word out about their event/shindig.

The Xcene was born out of a necessity for people to have a place to go to, to find out what was going on in our small community. It first started out as a 4 page hand coded site… that in hindsight I must admit looked horrible.

Years later what you see here is the evolution over time of what I have learned over the years.

But don’t forget at the end of the day The’s main purpose is to Unite The Caribbean throughout the world.